We accurately calculate water & energy use.
Complex Consumption Analysis: the only way to find unbilled & excessive usage cost-effectively.

Find out more about how Teccura use Complex Consumption Analysis to identify under-billing and wastage

Utility companies ensure the vast majority of customers are correctly billed.

But environmental, economic and regulatory pressures mean there are always big incentives for improvement.

A number of billing issues can be detected and fixed using standard projects and processes.

But there’s some stuff that is simply undetectable without Complex Consumption Analysis.

There are some types of issues you don’t even know about!

We are the experts at finding the really tough stuff, cost effectively. We’ve never failed to uncover hidden issues for our clients.

Most customers are correctly billed. But there's always big incentives for improvement.

There's some stuff that is simply undetectable without Complex Consumption Analysis

There are some types of issues you don't even know about!

Even if 99% of consumption is accounted for, the remaining 1%
is costing utility companies, consumers and the planet millions!

  • We identify partially billed commercial customers, increasing revenue and cash flow for water, electricity and gas companies
  • We reduce unaccounted-for consumption, which helps utility companies hit leakage or allowed loss percentage targets
  • We support water and energy sustainability, by cutting customer side leakage and wastage, increasing supply headroom
  • We help to win and retain contestable customers through remedying wastage and therefore reducing bills
  • Our service promotes fair and equitable billing, by reducing cross-subsidy and unfair competitive advantage as well as lowering bills for vulnerable customers
  • Our targeted approach delivers a small volume of high value leads, which complements other revenue projects

How do we do all this? 

The only way to find all 52 kinds of under-billing and wastage

Teccura’s Complex Consumption Analysis makes the invisible visible by locating issues that can’t be found any other way. We’re the only ones who do this analysis, and we use it to find all types of missing and excessive consumption.

Complex Consumption Analysis video which shows how Teccura increase revenue, reduce unaccounted for water or non-technical losses, promote fair billing for vulnerable customers, reduce customer side leakage and wastage, and promotes sustainable water and energy use for the future. First Teccura accurately calculate water, electricity and gas usage at individual commercial properties, focusing on modelling water and energy demand. Then Teccura take this accurate calculation of water, gas and electricity usage and compare this to the billed consumption. Where a property is being billed less than our calculation, there could be unbilled consumption. And where a property is being billed more than our calculation there could be excessive consumption.


This is how we do it:

  1. Accurately calculate usage for every commercial property in our huge independent database
  2. Match and compare these records with our clients’ billing data
  3. Investigate the properties being billed significantly more or less than we calculate they should be

  Are there really 52 kinds of unbilled and excessive consumption out there?

These problems are rare and hard to find, but they exist in all utility companies

These problems do occur, and in significant quantities. Always. No matter how large, small, efficient, diligent, or proactive the utility company. That’s because many issues are just not within their control. Human and mechanical errors are unavoidable, even with the best intentions, processes, and incentives in place.

The 52 types of unbilled and excessive consumption. Finding these increases water and energy company profits, reduces unaccounted for water and non technical losses, reduces leakage and wastage and promotes sustainable water and energy usage.

Our unique approach is the only way to find all types of anomalies - just like the ones above - because we know what accurate consumption looks like. We’ve never failed to find issues for any of our clients. In fact, if we don’t find anything, then we don’t get paid!

See the quantity, volume and value of every type of issue we find

We've found more than 35Ml/d and 45 GWh/year for our water & energy clients! That's worth nearly £100 million!


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