Working here

What's it like working at Teccura? We asked everyone and this is what they said:

Word cloud showing the most popular returns for a survey on why we work at Teccura. The most popular words were "atmosphere, business, challenging, enjoy, learn, opportunities, people."

Who we're looking for

We’re always looking for bright people that fit our cultures and values.

After filling out a basic application form, your skills and abilities may be assessed with an online test or two. If you pass the test(s), we'll dig into your CV and find out more about you.

Where we are

We're based in Reading. We work in bright, open plan offices on the University of Reading campus. It's a really nice spot with a great atmosphere, easy access to the town center, and set in 130 hectares of beautiful, award winning parkland.

Note for recruiters

We're not working with recruitment agencies or consultants for any of our current jobs, so all candidates should apply to us directly, following the instructions on the relevant job page.

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