How to convert your unbilled consumption into cash

Finding unbilled accounts is like panning for gold - sifting sand by the ton to get a few nuggets.

The software does all the panning. You collect the gold.

The software sifts through all your accounts and hands you the gold


It’s dead easy for you. All you do is provide a simple data extract of your properties, meter details and readings.

The software cleanses your data. All distraction and rubbish is removed. Unusual trends and events – buried in the data for years – now stand out and are impossible to miss.

Upload your own revenue projects. You’ll race through them quicker than ever before, reducing the cost of your normal account checking.

If you want, I’ll even reveal the accounts I’d investigate first, if I were you.

Simply opt for the special “Cash Booster Lists” - just 25 to 50 sites with a very high likelihood of unbilled consumption.

Working such a small number of suspect accounts ensures low internal costs and high net benefits.

Cash Booster Lists come in two types:

  1. Data Analysis – Tried and tested mathematical routines scrutinise all your meters and readings, hunting for under-billing patterns.
  2. CCA Sectors – Award-winning consumption analysis – the only type of its kind in the world...
    Simply choose a non-domestic sector like hotels, schools, bus depots. We accurately calculate water use for every property you have in that sector. We compare our calculation to how much you’re actually billing. You find out which sites are paying for less water than we calculate them to use. No-one else can offer you this. Watch this 3 minute 40 second video to find out more.

The software is a real gem to use. No complicated analysis, no exporting data to spreadsheets, no fiddly workarounds.

Trends become obvious. This makes analysis a piece of cake.

Anyone can correctly grasp what’s happening at any one of your properties – within seconds.

Unbilled accounts become glaringly obvious and impossible to miss.

It’s idiot proof.

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