Are you a passionate & committed software developer or graduate? Want your career to make a positive difference to the planet?

We’re looking for a bright, hard-working coder interested in full-stack web app development, and concerned about sustainability and the environment. You might be a seasoned Java ninja, an enthusiastic computer science grad, or somewhere in between.

Salary: £20-40k (negotiable & based on experience)
Based: Reading
Full time – 40 hours/week

The Role

You’ll help us continue to develop innovative products & services for our utility clients, which focus on reducing wasted and unbilled water & energy around the globe.

You’ll work with a small but experienced and enthusiastic team, in a start-up culture that promotes innovation and creativity, reporting directly to the Systems Director.

You’ll use cutting edge tech with a focus on open source, and get the chance to develop a range of skills with on-the-job and off-site training.

About You

You have a good understanding and interest in full-stack web development, including knowledge of the following topics, and industry or academic experience in at least two or three::

  • (Critical) The Java programming language
  • The JEE framework - particularly JPA, CDI and JSF
  • SQL and RDBMS like MySQL
  • Web design with HTML & CSS (including HTML5 & CSS3)
  • Client-side scripting with javascript + jQuery
  • (Bonus) Graphic design with tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc

You’re also likely to be:

  • Dedicated, proactive and self-motivated, quickly tracking down whatever information or tools are required to meet your goals and get the job done
  • Ambitious, creative, and not afraid to take some risks, but also disciplined when it really matters
  • Naturally inquisitive, and a very quick learner - able to apply your knowledge, logic, and creativity to solve any problem.
  • A great communicator and team player with a positive, enthusiastic attitude
  • Able to enjoy the pressure of challenging problems and deadlines, comfortable with an Agile project management style, and willing to help out on tasks that don’t necessarily fit your job description or comfort zone

Most importantly, you’re passionate about building quality software that adds genuine value to its users and society as a whole.

About Us

Teccura Software is a small, award-winning software and data analytics company based on the University of Reading campus. We use advanced data modelling and software solutions to target underbilled and wasted utility consumption.

We've run a successful business since 2003, working with 14 of the UK’s largest 16 water companies and 3 of the big energy companies, as well as running projects in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. During this time we’ve identified and resolved hidden issues that cost the industry more than £500 million every day!

We love this quote from a blog at zipcar, written shortly after Teccura won the 2013 Guardian Sustainable Business award in the water category. They sum us up as “really dark green”:

“Water wastage is a tough sell. It’s not fronted by cute woodland animals, or tied up with an organic hemp bow, but Teccura is addressing the very real prospect of our demand for fresh water outstripping supply in the next decade. With over 1.5 million commercial properties in the UK alone, the potential impact of their work is mind-blowing. Well-deserved winners!”

How To Apply

First off, it’s probably not worth your time applying if you:

  • can’t pass a technical test & interview on at least two of the topics mentioned above
  • can’t demonstrate at least some of your free time involves playing around with technology or pursuing creative projects
  • feel your job is ‘just a job’ and don’t really care what your work is contributing towards
  • can’t shorten your CV to 2 pages or less

If you think you’re the right person to work in Teccura’s development team, then submit a short cover letter along with your CV to Please indicate the position and your full name in the subject line (eg. “Java Web App Developer - JANE SMITH”).

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