JavaScript Developer

Salary: £30-50k
Based: Reading
Full time – 40 hours/week

We’re looking for conscientious and results-driven web app developers to help expand our unique suite of applications for our utility clients. Our products are based on the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React/Redux, and Node.js) using the latest JavaScript versions/features, with some legacy systems using Java/JEE7 and MySQL/MariaDB. Familiarity with any these is an advantage, but a good understanding of JavaScript is required. The positions are open to both junior and senior developers. Starting salary will reflect skills and experience.

The right developer will:

  • Have experience writing web applications with JavaScript
  • Have experience with front-end UI/UX design OR back-end stuff like RESTful APIs and data management
  • Have the aspiration to learn, understand, and contribute to the full stack
  • Be quick to learn new skills & techniques, and solve challenging problems rationally and creatively
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and consideration for others
  • Be a great communicator and collaborator

Working at Teccura offers you:

  • A competative salary and excellent work life balance
  • Empowerment and a challenging job with continuous opportunities for personal development and knowledge improvement
  • Interesting and diverse problems that lead to genuine value
  • A great sense of achievement for a job well done, which yields tangible and extraordinary benefits to the environment

About Us

Teccura Software is a small, award-winning software and data analytics company based on the University of Reading campus. We use advanced data modelling and software solutions to target underbilled and wasted utility consumption. We're also increasingly providing services and software tools to help reduce network leakage.

We've run a successful business since 2003, working with 14 of the UK’s largest 16 water companies and 3 of the big energy companies, as well as running projects in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. During this time we’ve identified and resolved hidden issues that cost the industry more than £500 million every day!

We love this quote from a blog at zipcar, written shortly after Teccura won the 2013 Guardian Sustainable Business award in the water category. We think it sums up why it's so great working here:

“Water wastage is a tough sell. It’s not fronted by cute woodland animals, or tied up with an organic hemp bow, but Teccura is addressing the very real prospect of our demand for fresh water outstripping supply in the next decade. With over 1.5 million commercial properties in the UK alone, the potential impact of their work is mind-blowing. Well-deserved winners!”

How To Apply

If you think you’re the right person to work in Teccura’s development team, then please submit a short cover letter along with your CV to Please indicate the position and your full name in the subject line (eg. “JavaScript Developer - JANE SMITH”).

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