Video playback

If you're having problems, then we're sorry, it looks like your browser doesn't support the video playback :(

To play videos using Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8, you need Flash installed. Internet Explorer 9 and other browsers can play videos without Flash, but it's still possible that firewalls may block some content.

Try a different browser

If you have another internet browser such as Firefox - which doesn't ever seem to have problems - or Google Chrome installed on your machine, then try to play the video in one of these.

Check you have Flash installed

If you have an older browser, then please check that Flash is installed. (Be aware that you may need administrator privileges to be able to install Flash.)

Download the video

You can download our video, and play it back using your own media player.

Please right click the file and choose Save As. If you're unsure of your operating system, pick the WMV file.

For Windows XP/Vista - WMV file - 12MB download

For Windows 7/Mac - MP4 file - 14MB download

For Linux - OGV file - 14MB download

Watch on Youtube

You can also view our video online at Youtube. Feel free to share!

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