Do you want a job which challenges you to deliver extraordinary results?

I love working at Teccura. But then again, having spent twelve years here, I’m probably quite biased. To give you a fair view, I asked the team what they like about working here. And here’s what they said:

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Would you love working at Teccura too?

Read the questions below, to see if a role here would suit you.

Would you like a job that fits around you?

We offer part time roles as well as full time roles.

Need to drop the kids at school or leave a bit early to get away?

For office roles, the office is open from 06:45 to 18:30. Choose your hours to fit your other commitments.

Tired of commuting into London each day?

Our office is conveniently located on the Reading University campus. There’s free parking. It’s 0.9 miles from Earley train station and 2.5 miles from Reading Station. The 17 and 19 buses run every 10 minutes to go to the centre of town. There’s cycle racks and showers for the more active.

Want freedom to be left alone and get on with your job?

We give our people an extraordinary degree of independence, in the belief that freedom stimulates initiative.

Not getting the recognition you deserve?

We’re a small business, that’s very focussed on delivery targets. Good work does not go unnoticed.

The flipside is also true - there’s no hiding. So, if you’re the sort of person who likes to coast along, then we’re probably not the one for you.

Want to learn new skills?

Our suite of web applications are written using a cutting edge, open-source JavaScript stack, including Node.js, Express and React. It’s the sort of tech Facebook and Google are developing and using to build their own apps. If you’re a web developer, you've gotta learn these tools! They make it so quick and fun to develop and build apps.

Our operations team receive intensive leakage detection, unaccounted-for water and health & safety training.

Other skills you’ll have the chance to develop are persuasion and negotiation, contract management, sales, consumption modelling, recruitment and managing people.

If you’re keen, willing to learn and not afraid of failure, you’ll go far at Teccura.

Want to do something that helps the planet?

Much of the UK - especially the South East - is water stressed. Each day we pinpoint hard-to-find leaks that have gone undetected for years. Every year, we save over 10 million litres of water per day. That’s the same amount of water a town like Bracknell or Farnborough uses.

The software we write gives us an even wider impact, helping other teams to pinpoint more leaks.

Want to do something that no-one else in the world does?

No-one we’ve met in the US, Australia or New Zealand has ever heard of another company offering a Complex Consumption Analysis type of service.

A manager from United Utilities once said:

“I have experienced many companies offering information on missing properties, voids etc, but never for partially billed customers.”

We’re the only people in the world who do this analysis. It uncovers unaccounted-for water consumption that’s gone unbilled for years and years.

What’s more, there is a special symbiosis at Teccura between our software developers and operations teams. The developers get immediate feedback on their apps, which are used by the operations team. Meanwhile, the operations team have developers who listen to their feature requests and have the domain knowledge to understand their requirements.

What we stand for

Check out our cultures & values to find out more about what it's like to work in our team.

Current vacancies

We’ve got a lot of work on at the moment and are looking to recruit several new people to help grow the business.

If you think Teccura could be a good match for you, then please send your CV to