To get in touch with us, please see details below:

  • Call: 0118 357 8861
  • Write:

    Teccura Software
    Room 4, Spur J, TOB1
    Building W020
    University of Reading
    Earley Gate
    Whiteknights Road
    RG6 6BU
    United Kingdom

  • Email:

How to get to our office

We're located on the Reading University Whiteknights Campus, near the Earley Gate. The building is called TOB1, and we're in Room J4. The nearest postcode is RG6 6BU, which brings you to the Enterprise Centre across the road.

Follow these directions to get to our office:

  1. Enter the University Campus via the Earley Gate.
  2. Take the first left.
  3. Follow the road as it bends through the car park.
  4. You'll arrive at a T junction within the car park. In front of you will be a one storey white building. This is TOB1.
  5. Turn left at the T junction. We are in the end of the building. Look out for our sign next to the blue door.

You can also download these instructions here, if you want to print them off to help you find your way.

See the map below (or here in Google maps).

map directions