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The Guardian Sustainable Business Award

The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards Winner

We don’t normally go in for awards.

But in 2013 we entered into The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards and won the water category - beating Coca Cola in the process!

You can read some of what The Guardian wrote below:

“With demand for water predicted to outstrip supply by 40% by 2030, now is the time to eliminate unnecessary water and energy wastage. Teccura's Complex Consumption Analysis is a strong example of the kind of innovative thinking needed to resolve this huge challenge.

The Guardian judges felt that Teccura demonstrated a ‘fantastic example of how to achieve a significant impact with a good idea’. By reversing its business model and thinking creatively, Teccura has ‘commercialised sustainability, rather than making sustainability a part of what they do’, the judges added.”

You can read the full article here

Guardian Awards Ceremony

Green or greenwash

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘greenwash’ before.

I hadn’t. Not until I stumbled across this blog post by Amy Wong from Zipcar. She had been at The Guardian awards ceremony that night.

Greenwashing is when you make a misleading claim about the environmental benefits of your product, to make you seem more environmentally friendly. Amy graded the levels of green on display at the awards. She wanted to distinguish the ‘greenwashers’ from those who are truly making a difference.

Starting with pale green, then green (like Zipcar), she placed Teccura in the “really dark green” category:

“One step further - and really dark green - is eliminating the unseen wastage of resources before we’ve even got to the to-consume-or-not-to-consume question. This is why, for me, the real winner of the night was water company Teccura. They analyse water consumption in large commercial properties, tracking complex interrelated water utilisation data to identify and stop leaks.”

“Water wastage is a tough sell. It’s not fronted by cute woodland animals, or tied up with an organic hemp bow, but Teccura is addressing the very real prospect of our demand for fresh water outstripping supply in the next decade. With over 1.5 million commercial properties in the UK alone, the potential impact of their work is mind-blowing. Well-deserved winners!”

You can read the full blog post here.