Cultures & values

Our mission: Identify all the unbilled and excessive consumption in the world.

High level objectives

  1. Be proud that we are leaving the world in a better place than we found it by ensuring that unbilled consumption is paid for and wasteful consumption is reduced.
  2. Win new clients and retain our existing clients through offering and delivering a first class service.
  3. Remain a profitable company with sufficient cash flow to grow the business and safeguard our people’s jobs.

Cultures and Values

1. Work as productively as possible to deliver superior results. Teccura will prosper if we deliver exceptional output for our resources. We will achieve this if we focus on being as productive as possible by:

  • Implementing innovative solutions to continually improve the service we offer.
  • Being ambitious - the lack of ambition cripples most businesses and makes them pedestrian.
  • Ensure we don’t become smug by having a divine discontent with our performance; we can always improve no matter how hard the last task was to deliver.
  • Thinking about our actions and avoiding work that has no definable outcome.
  • Make decisions based on a cost and/or time / benefit analysis by evaluating the facts and figures that are available. This doesn’t mean spending an age get the facts and figures, we have to excel at making wise decisions despite ambiguity. Be commercial.
  • Do things quickly by working smart or just do the hard yards when necessary.
  • Whilst valuing innovation and free thinking we have discipline where it matters e.g protecting our own IP and data, our clients data, recruitment, managing our finances.
  • We encourage information sharing and collaboration amongst our staff as this drives innovation, high outputs and great results.
  • We encourage low barriers to experiment and have a bias for action –‘just do it’. We believe that we shouldn’t fear failing providing we learn from our mistakes.
  • We like reports and emails to be well-written and easy to read. We also like them to be short – and sent only to those who need to know what's in them.
  • We believe that email is not a primary form of communication. Email is great for sharing information but not as a means of communicating new ideas or getting a third party to action something. It is easy to ignore an email rather than debating an issue during a verbal conversation.
  • We believe that factual accuracy is essential.

2. Earn the respect of our clients by being accountable for our actions and the service we deliver

  • Teccura started out and continue to get paid on a commission basis with all our clients. The only reason for this was to be held accountable for the results that we deliver. It focuses the mind on being as productive as possible and delivering excellent service to our clients. It was never and never will be as a means of maximising our turnover. Teccura will only remain profitable if we deliver a service our client’s value.
  • We never argue with our clients and recognise that we have to work hard to earn our clients respect through our words and actions. Client respect is the greatest asset we can have.

3. Ensure our actions are fair and equitable

  • We value honesty, integrity and loyalty.
  • We make decisions that benefit the wider community not just the individual.
  • We never make decisions based solely on hitting a target or the commission payment; but make them on the basis of what is the fair and right thing to do.

4. Look after our staff and value the individual

  • Superior service to our clients depends on making the most of our people. Give them challenging opportunities, recognition for achievement, job enrichment and the maximum responsibility. We help them make the best of their talents and value everyone’s contribution.
  • We pay competitive and commercial salaries but do not judge people’s value based on it.
  • We admire people who work hard, who are objective and thorough. Lazy and superficial men and women do not produce superior work.
  • We treat our people as human beings. We help them when they are in trouble — with their jobs, with illnesses, with emotional problems, with drugs or alcohol.
  • We are opposed to management by intimidation.
  • We admire people who listen more than they talk, and make a real effort to understand views that differ from their own. Candour is a virtue; arrogance is not.
  • We don't like rigid pecking orders. We give our people an extraordinary degree of independence, in the belief that freedom stimulates initiative. We dislike issuing orders; the best results are produced by men and women who don't have to be told what to do.
  • We like people who are willing to lift their heads up from the desk and see what the real business needs are. People who have a desire to make something happen before looking for reasons why something hasn’t happened.
  • We are free of prejudice of any kind. The way up the ladder is open to everybody, regardless of religion, race, gender, age, or sexual preference. We detest nepotism and every other form of favouritism.
  • There are, however, limits to our tolerance. We have little time for:

    • office politicians
    • bullies
    • paper warriors
    • email warriors
    • toadies
    • pompous asses
    • prima donnas
    • gossips
    • status superiority

5. Have some fun along the way

  • It’s true that we all spend a lot of time at work and so it needs to be fun, challenging and rewarding.
  • Accept that sometimes people have elements of their job they don’t like but we need to knuckle down and be resilient during these times. We need to excel at the fun and mundane bits.
  • Recruiting the right people for the right roles but with a shared set of values means we have a great chance of making Teccura a great place to work and be associated with for staff and our clients.