Unaccounted-for water service

"I have experienced many companies offering information on missing properties, voids etc, but never for partially billed customers."

"Teccura has been able to recover a significant amount of unbilled revenue that otherwise would have been lost to us."

"The Teccura software Hydra calculates how much water our customers should use to a high level of detail. It enables them to find issues we could never find ourselves."

"Teccura provide a valuable additional billing identification service which plays an integral part in meeting annual sales targets."

"Teccura's professional approach has meant they have delivered on our goals within agreed budgets."

"Teccura are a trusted vendor and recognised for their expertise and ability to identify cases of unbilled water. I endorse the service provided as an effective and innovative tool for the water industry."

Leakage service

"Teccura have helped us to identify and fix over 1.25 Ml/day of customer side leakage, some of which had been running for long periods of time, being missed by conventional leakage detection approaches. Their software very quickly pinpoints customers with abnormally high water use, allowing us to realise significant water savings within short time spans."

"Teccura's analysis is a great way to make quick, quantifiable water savings. Their software quickly filters all your commercial properties down to just a few problem sites."

"Because they [Teccura] pinpoint leaks to within a couple of inches it keeps our repair costs and disruption to a minimum. Previously we would be told we had a leak on site, but short of digging up the entire estate we had no way of knowing where the leak was."