Hydrocura is a trading name of our leakage detection division.


Use our specialist leakage teams to pinpoint hidden, unreported leaks that have run for years

Finding underground leaks is hard work. You need decent people, equipment, training, culture and software. Here is just some of the equipment we use:


All our leakage engineers have cut their teeth on complicated customer side leaks. On these leaks, you hardly ever have pipework plans and often have a confusing mix of pipe materials and sizes.

These leaks are very hard to find, but you can pinpoint them with the right people, equipment, training, culture and software - as you can see from the feedback from two London Boroughs:

“Because Teccura pinpoint leaks to within a couple of inches it keeps our repair costs and disruption to a minimum. Previously we would be told we had a leak on site, but short of digging up the entire estate we had no way of knowing where the leak was. ”

“In the past we would have to employ a local ground worker to take a stab in the dark as to where the location of the leak would be, sometimes taking several stabs in the dark before finding the leak, we would then use one of our local plumbing companies to repair the leak before reinstating the ground, this would sometimes take several days. As soon as we started using Teccura we noticed a major improvement in the time spent finding and repairing the leak and the costs involved.”

Our engineers enjoy the challenge of pinpointing these hard-to-find hidden leaks. You get a lot of satisfaction when you see a good reduction from a leak that required a lot of hard work to find. This is especially so if the leak has run for many years with no-one finding it. We’re happy to be paid on results for leakage detection work. You can parachute us into one of your tricky DMAs. Or use us to pinpoint a particularly difficult customer side leaks. Over the last few years we have found over 45 Ml/day of hidden leaks - both customer side and network side.

Hidden main side leak dropped DMA to lowest achieved nightline

water leak pinpointed 1

water leak spraying 1

4.8 litre per second drop with hidden leak on council estate

water leak spraying 2

water leak spraying 2