How to cost-effectively drive down leakage using cutting-edge software and data analysis

Water companies everywhere are under pressure to reduce leakage, while keeping bills as low as possible.

What if you could get all of your techs to find one more leak every day?

Our apps are designed to do just that. They reduce wasted time, meaning you can find more leaks at the same cost, as these two users attest:

“it’s one of the best on site tools we have been given access to!, the information it provides while out in the field is priceless really, especially for those working POIs.” - Leakage supervisor

“Really love GeoHub. It allows me to have great visuals on a DMA/Area and saves myself a lot of time. It’s the first application I log into each day.” - Leakage and Operability analyst

All our apps are fast, secure and built to work on phones, tablets and computers. They work via an internet browser. That means you don’t have the pain of jumping through hoops to get a new program installed on your PC or phone.

aws mongodb js node express react redux material-ui google-maps

The apps are built using a modern, open-source technology stack, backed and developed by companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The technology is extremely flexible and powerful, yet secure. Apps are faster to write, so you don’t have to wait months for a feature request to be brought to life. You benefit from micro-releases and an agile software team that develop in two-week sprints.

Given our long history of advanced data analysis, our apps are able to take data from a wide variety of sources and bring it together in easy-to-understand interfaces. We aim to automate as much analysis as possible, and visualise just the info that’s relevant to you. Rather than making you sift through reams of data to find what you need.


A new geospatial tool that automatically pulls data from many sources via clever APIs. Overlay data on Google and Ordnance Survey Maps, including your DMAs, pipe network, noise loggers, leakage jobs, property consumption information and more.


Are you getting swamped by noise logger data? Search, visualise, and manage data from permanent, semi-permanent and lift-and-shift noise loggers. We connect to APIs from different manufacturers so you see everything in one simple and intuitive app.