Unaccounted-for water

The quick and easy way to reduce your leakage - tried and tested by 20 water companies

You’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true. But it has worked for 20 water companies in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2003, our Complex Consumption Analysis has found these companies 80.6 Ml/day of unaccounted-for water - otherwise classified as leakage.

Not only is this unaccounted-for water inflating your leakage, it’s also having a hit on your revenue and increasing your household bills.

Take the three cases below. Could you find these costly errors?

Example 1:

A bus driver training centre, annexed to the main depot, was fitted with a five - instead of a six dial register.

Result: meter under recording by 90%.

0.019 Ml/day on wrong dial
£20,805 billing uplift

Water meter incorrect dial

Example 2:

One of the meters at a prison had a 50mm mechanism fitted to an 80mm chamber.

Result: water flowing under as well as through the impeller.

0.120 Ml/day under impeller
£164,469 billing uplift

Water flowing under meter impeller

Example 3:

A bypass valve on a meter feeding part of a University was partially open. Not marked on GIS, the valve was buried under a flower bed.

Result: 642,000 cubic metres unbilled over a 22 year period.

0.080 Ml/day bypasses meter
£109,646 billing uplift

Buried bypass valve around water meter

These are not made up examples. One water company resolved 0.219 Ml/day of unaccounted-for water at these three sites alone, reducing their leakage. What’s more, the issues have also increased their billing by £294,920 per year.

How can you be sure you'll have some of these issues in your area?

These issues exist in all water companies - big and small, in the UK and abroad. On average, you’ll be under-billing each issue by 13.8 cubic metres per day.

But some issues are as big as 500 cubic meters per day. These big ones will likely be in your problem DMAs or trunk main areas. Who knows - they may be tying your operational team in knots as they search for leakage that doesn’t exist.

Because the service finds high value errors, you get lots of leakage benefit and extra cash - with minimal work.

The figures above come from 16 years of finding unaccounted-for water for water companies like yours.

Companies like:

  • United Utilities - “I have experienced many companies offering information on missing properties, voids etc, but never for partially billed customers”
  • Affinity Water - “Teccura has been able to recover a significant amount of unbilled revenue that otherwise would have been lost to us”
  • Anglian Water - “Teccura's professional approach has meant they have delivered on our goals within agreed budgets”
  • Severn Trent Water - “Teccura add value by having the expertise to accurately calculate water consumption of various commercial sectors”
  • Sutton & East Surrey Water - “Their software quickly filters all your commercial properties down to just a few problem sites.”
  • Thames Water - “Teccura provide a valuable additional billing identification service to Thames Water which now plays an integral part in meeting annual sales targets”
  • Yarra Valley Water - “Teccura are a trusted vendor and recognised for their expertise and ability to identify cases of unbilled water. I endorse the service provided as an effective and innovative tool for the water industry.”

Unaccounted-for water has existed in all 20 water companies we’ve worked with. You can be sure it will exist in your company too.

Do you want to know how we identify these issues cost-effectively?

The service specialises in finding unaccounted-for water at your partially billed commercial properties.

Partially billed commercial properties are very difficult to find. That’s because you’re already billing these properties for something. But do you know if that something is enough?

The only way is to accurately calculate water usage for each and every commercial property you have.

Next you have to compare your calculation to how much you’re actually billing the property.

When you finally find one that’s billed less than your calculation, you need to do a full site investigation to find out why.

We call this process Complex Consumption Analysis

The Guardian described it as “clever mathematics and sophisticated consumption analysis.” After we beat blue chip companies like Coca Cola to the paper’s prestigious Sustainable Business Award, they wrote:

“Teccura’s Complex Consumption Analysis software, thought to be the most advanced of its kind, accurately maps utility usage by investigating – in minute detail – the facilities in operation, the demand placed on them and how each facility consumes water or energy.”

Do you want to find out more about how this “sophisticated consumption analysis” works?

The best way is to watch the 3 minute video below:

Do you want to see some more examples of unaccounted-for water?

Click here to see some case studies to give you an idea of what you might expect to find in your area.